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April 20, 2016
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May 4, 2016

The Zika Virus Explained

zika_explained“Last May, Zika virus made headlines when an outbreak began in Brazil and spread quickly to surrounding countries. Zika is a tropical virus that was discovered in 1947 in the Zika Forest in Uganda. It had previously been found in Africa and Southeast Asia but recently made its way to the Americas. In February, the World Health Organization declared the complications of Zika virus an international public health emergency.”

“Zika is spread by infected Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes — the same mosquitoes that spread yellow fever and dengue. The virus can also be transmitted sexually, though that is likely less common.”

“The virus causes a relatively mild, weeklong illness in most people, but many don’t develop symptoms. Those who contract Zika might experience fever, rashes, joint pain and conjunctivitis. Once infected, a person is most likely immune to future infections.” READ MORE

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